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Hi, I'm Fiona and I've been a web developer / solutions architect with a passion for accessibility for years.

In my first job as a software engineer, I spent my time making software for schools, which has to meet WCAG Level AA, and I've been advocating for accessibility ever since.

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Web accessibility can be really daunting to developers, so my aim with this site is to provide guidance to help developers make their sites more accessible. I just feel that it is a very neglected aspect of software development that has the potential to make so many lives easier.

I also enjoy teaching complex ideas and concepts to others, and accessibility can certainly be complicated at times!

Pluralsight Courses

If you have a Pluralsight subscription, or there's a trial available, I have three highly rated courses on there to explain some beginner to intermediate level concepts.

Accessibility: Exploring Images and Media

Learn how to make images and audio/video content meet the WCAG accessibility guidelines, even images with difficult alt text to write. This course includes tips like getting YouTube to write video captions for you and handling dynamic data charts.

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Accessibility: Keyboard Input and Forms

To meet the WCAG guidelines, your website has to work for keyboard-only users. We'll run through all the code changes necessary for this and also for making forms that are accessible and easy to use, with clear labels and validation errors.

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Making a Web Form Accessible

This course starts with an inaccessible web form and steps through each of the changes necessary to make it accessible, including an introduction to testing with free screen reader software.

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Contact Me

Send me an email at fiona@myaccessible.website.

Or find me on Twitter at @myaccessibleweb

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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