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Everything you need to know to make your website accessible

Non-Text Content

Have a read of this comprehensive guide to WCAG 1.1.1, Non-Text Content. It covers images, videos, form fields, even the dreaded CAPTCHA. Learn how to make them all available in a text format.

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Making Images Accessible

Images are simple, right? Just add alt text?
But what do you do about images like data charts, or if there's loads of text. What about CSS backgrounds?
Find out exactly what to do in every scenario with this guide.

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Pluralsight Courses

As well as this blog, I have two highly rated courses on Pluralsight.
Learn about screen readers, audio descriptions, dynamic charts, how to caption videos in YouTube and more!

Accessibility: Exploring Images and Media »

This one is a good run through of the basics, fixing up all the accessibility issues on an example website form:

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Dynamic data charts – how do I make them accessible?

Is it even possible to write a text alternative for a dynamic chart?

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WCAG Levels

Which WCAG Level is easier? A or AA? Can you partially meet them? Which should you aim for?

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