WCAG 2.1 Public Draft Review & Feedback

WCAG 2.1 now has a first public working draft and ​the working group are inviting comments and feedback via Github by 31st March 2017 - now closed.

As I'm developing software to test sites for accessibility, I'm reviewing the 28 new proposed criteria for WCAG 2.1, primarily to determine how testable the criteria are using either automated or manual methods.

Learn more about accessibility from my Pluralsight course

pluralsight making a web form accessible course

Loved this course. There aren't enough videos on accessibility, but these are top notch for any subject.

Pluralsight User

This is a great course. Excellent addition to pluralsight library for web developers.                               

Pluralsight User

Well done! This was a firm introduction for a trainee I'm currently working with. You are my hero-- as you saved me a lot of time!

Pluralsight User

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