Podcast Transcription

Attract more fans to your podcast
Grow your audience with our transcription service

There are many reasons why your podcast would benefit from a text transcription.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google doesn't understand audio (yet). Search engines rank your website on the quality of its text content. The more text the better.
Every time you record a podcast, that's a huge chunk of keyword-rich, relevant content for your site that you are just throwing away. Get it transcribed and allow Google to send more fans your way.

A Wider Audience

This is the best-known benefit - a transcription opens up your podcast to more people.
Just to be clear, this isn't only about the hard of hearing. Some people just prefer to read.

There's also situational disability, which means that you can usually hear podcasts fine, but you can't listen to audio right now because you're trying to look like you're paying attention on a video call.

Sponsors Love It

If you're trying to attract new sponsors, having transcripts allows them to understand your content quicker. It gives off a more professional appearance and shows that you care about your audience and producing high quality content.

They'll appreciate the audience growth that results from the other benefits too.
Bigger audience = happier sponsors.

I'm sold, how much?