My accessible website detective (beta)

Confused by accessibility?
Online checking tools only finding the really basic issues?

MAWD is an online platform that guides you through every stage of testing a site for accessibility concerns. 

Accessibility testing requires human input and opinions - automated tools only go so far to help us to spot problems. 

Gov UK Digital Service Blog

We ran an audit to see what issues the different accessibility testing tools pick up. We deliberately introduced 143 accessibility barriers to a page.
The best performing tool in this category found 38% of the problems we introduced. Whereas the worst performing tool only picked up 9%.

Read the full audit by Gov UK

I'm not trying to claim that the tools on test by Gov UK are flawed, just that most issues can't be spotted by software alone.  MAWD makes full use of automated checking wherever possible to save you time, but then goes further to find all the issues with your site. 

After carrying out the automated checks, MAWD walks you through the process of checking for other problems yourself.  You don't have to drown in the 23,000 words of the WCAG "Quick" Reference List, or be an expert on the topic to find issues when guided by MAWD. 

MAWD looking questioning

Once you've answered all of MAWD's questions, a full report of the site's accessibility issues is produced.
MAWD remembers all your responses for a quick fix and re-test cycle. 

We're launching a private beta of MAWD this summer.
If you like the sound of the above and would like to help us make it great, please register your interest below. 

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